“Notifications” in AXS2LMS lingo are the communication emails that are sent automatically from the system when specific events take place. AXS2LMS comes with a few notifications types built-in, but you also have the option to define your own notifications. For example, you can setup a mail to be sent to a user after he or she registers for a course. The Notifications section shows a list of all defined Notifications and the event that triggers them, and allows you to edit, delete and activate a Notification, as well as create a new one.

To create a new Notification, click the “Add Notification” button and select the event that triggers the notification (e.g. course completion), the recipients, the delivery time, the subject and the body of the email that will be send to the user. You can write anything you want for the body, and there are also several keywords such as “date” and “recipient's name” that you can use, which the system automatically replaces with their proper values.

The Notifications section also contains the “Mail Queue” and “History” tabs, which show pending and previously sent notification emails respectively.

To learn more about working with Notifications and customizing messages, visit the How to customize the communication emails chapter.