My courses

Your dashboard includes an overview of the courses you’re taking. Courses you have completed are marked as such, and display a certification badge if you have been awarded any certifications for their completion.

Click on the name of a course to start or resume it.

Course view

When you select a course, you go directly to the course view mode and have the option to start it (if it’s the first time you open it) or resume from the last seen unit.

A progress bar in the “Content” block displays your overall progress within the course.

Complete a Course or Lesson

You can complete a course/lesson's “units” via various actions; including clicking on a “complete course” button, answering a question or spending a minimum elapsed time.

Depending on the traversal rules set for course might necessitate to complete units in a serial order.

Each course has a course completion rule (e.g., complete a specific test or complete all units).

When you complete a course, a popup will appear with a options for the next step, which may include proceeding to the next course or download a certificate.