You can send private messages to other users using the Messages function. The recipients can be specific users or users involved to specific courses, groups or branches. The administrator can communicate with every group and branch of the system, while a simple user can communicate only with users that share common groups, branches, courses etc. This behavior is controllable from the user-types (available only to admins).

The Messages section displays your Incoming messages along with their status, as well as a second tab (“Sent”) with a list of messages you have send.

How-to send a private Message

To send a new message go to the Messages section and click the “+ New Message” button, or click the “Messages → Compose” menu on the top header bar.

You have to specify the recipient (which can be multiple users, and even whole Courses or Groups, if you are allowed to message them), the subject that will be shown, and enter your message.

You are also allowed to include an attachment in your message (e.g. to send some supplementary course material to some student, or your homework to your instructor).

When you’re done click “Send Message”.