The Maintenance section has some infrequently used items, such as buttons to import data from CSV (e.g. to transfer users, courses, branches etc. from another system or database), to enter your registration key for AXS2LMS (so you can activate the product and receive updates) and to see the web server ’s and the PHP’s status. The available maintenance actions are:

Import from CSV

Let’s you mass import Users, Courses, Sessions, Branches, Jobs, Skills, and other system types from a comma separated value (CSV) file directly into the LMS. You have the option to merge or ignore entries already existing on the system (duplicates).


Here you can enter and view your license key, and related details about your installation (version number, activation date, expiration date, etc.).


Create and restore complete backups of database and/or files.


Displays information about your installation environment (OS, PHP settings, database, file system permissions, etc.), the PHP-Info table (a PHP diagnostic tool that displays all PHP related information), and information about the system cache.