Whether you’re a long time an AXS2LMS user, upgrading to the latest version, or you have just entered the world of e-learning, be assured that you have chosen well.

  • AXS2LMS is a stable proven platform, covering the e-learning needs of thousands of organizations and millions of students all over the world.
  • This Quick Start WiKi will teach you all you need to know to get started with deploying AXS2LMS, and creating, managing and taking courses.
  • It’s organized in 3 sections in accordance with the 3 working modes of AXS2LMS:
  1. The Administrator,
  2. The Instructor and
  3. The Learner mode,
  4. plus a fourth section covering common UI elements.1)
UI means User Interface elements. When designing our interface, We tried to be consistent and predictable in our choice of interface elements.