How-to Add a Course

To add a new course, click on the “+ Add Course” button in the Courses section. This will open the page to add a new course. The required fields are the Name and the Category of the course (e.g. History, Math, Physics, etc.)

Course Categories

Categories can be defined, added and edited in the administrator 's dashboard panel. There are main categories and sub categories. E.G a main category History with sub categories: The Pre history, The old History 2000 BC - 590 AC, The Middle Ages, The modern history 1800 - 1945, etc.

Course Type

The default course type is set to e-learning, for a typical e-learning course based on asynchronous (i.e. at the student's discretion) access to the course material. If you want to create an instructor-led classroom based course, change this option to Classroom (ILT).

Short Course Description

There's also the option add a short description for the course. If you're OK with the settings, you can create the course by clicking the “Submit” button. But there are several advanced options that you can see and set by clicking on the “Advanced Settings” button.

Advanced Settings

The advanced settings include: a course code (a short alphanumeric code for easy reference, e.g. “CS101”), language (to show language specific content to different users), a base price (for selling the course), availability (how many days an enrolled user has access to the course), CEUs (how many Continuous Education Units the course corresponds to), course's audiences and branch, and, finally, the certification awarded for completing the course. When done, click “Submit”. The arrow on the right of the submit button works as a shortcut that enables you to create a Lesson with the same name as the name as the course.