Extend Profile

Profile extension in AXS2LMS lingo refers to the act of adding custom information fields to Users, Courses, and Branches.

For example you could “extend” the user profile to store the user's age, gender, country of origin, twitter link, etc.

The extra fields can be used to filter and view reports for users, and are especially useful in defining dynamic Audiences.

The “Extend Profile” section displays a tabular listing of all defined extended profile fields, and allows you to edit or delete an existing field or add a new one.

How-To Add a new User profile field

To add a new field, click the “+ Add Field” button.

On the form that shows you have to add a name for the field (how it will be stored in the system) and an assorted Label (how it will be shown in the user interface).

Besides those two mandatory fields, there are several more options to set:

  • A placeholder text (that will be shown inside the text-entry box to tell the user what the field is about, e.g. “Insert a telephone number here” for a telephone field).
  • A default value, to be used when the user doesn’t specify a value.
  • Whether the field is mandatory (has to be filled) or not.
  • A field rule, which is a regular expression to validate that the entered value is correct (a regular expression is a kind of computer code that can match specific types of text, e.g. web addresses, email addresses, numbers, alphanumeric sequences, etc.).
  • Finally, you can specify the type of the field, with options being a simple text box (the default, suitable for things like names, descriptions, addresses and generally any free from text), a yes/no checkbox (e.g. “Speaks English”), or a dropdown to choose among a list of items (e.g. “male” or “female”).