The e-commerce section is divided in several sub-sections allowing you to configure and manage your paid-for courses.


The “Transactions” sub-section displays a historical view of transactions, listing the user who made the transaction, the amount paid, and the transaction's status.

Price Tracks

The “Price Tracks” sub-section allows you to set special offers such as discounts and premiums for specific date ranges and specific Courses, Sessions, Audiences and Branches.

Booked Seats

The “Booked Seats” sub-section allows you to set the number of pre-made bookings for a session (for sessions with limited seat availability).


The “Balance” sub-section shows a tabular listing of the balance of your students (i.e. how much money they have left to purchase lessons and sessions).


The “Settings” sub-section allows you to configure all the aspects of your commercial e-learning offering, such as the currency used, the payment gateway etc.