Curriculums are a way of grouping your courses for better organization, to perform mass actions on all of them, and to sell them online as a single entity. What Groups are for Users, Curriculums are for courses.

Curriculums Section

The Curriculums section allows you to see all existing curricula in a tabular listing that also shows the number of students enrolled to each one and buttons to edit or delete a specific curriculum. The section also features a search box for quickly finding the curriculum you want to view or edit.


The curriculum list can be downloaded as an Excel-compatible CSV file.

Add curriculum

You can add a new curriculum through the “Add curriculum” button, by entering a name for your new curriculum and selecting the category it belongs too, an avatar and a short description.

Advanced settings

There are also several advanced settings, such as a code enabling students to register to the curriculum by themselves, whether the Curriculum is active and ok to be shown on the catalog, a base price for enrolling in the curriculum, the branch it belongs to and the certification you get by completing it. After you have created your curriculum you can add Courses and Users to it.

How-to Add a Curriculum

To add a new curriculum, click on the “+ Add Curriculum” button in the Curriculum section. This will open the page to add a new curriculum.

Name of the Curriculum

On the form that appears you need to fill in the name of the curriculum and select the category (e.g. History, Math, etc.) that your curriculum belongs to. You can also add an optional Short Description.

Curriculum Categories

Categories can be defined, added and edited in the administrator 's dashboard panel. There are main categories and sub categories. E.G a main category History with sub categories: The Pre history, The old History 2000 BC - 590 AC, The Middle Ages, The modern history 1800 - 1945, etc.