Branches allow you to divide your e-learning offering into different logical units (or “departments”), each with its own courses, users, professors and branding (sub-domain, theme, logo, etc.). Branches can be a flat list or form a nested hierarchy.

The Branches section displays a tabular listing of all existing branches, their parent branch (if nested), and the number of users and courses belonging to the branch, and allows you to edit a branch or add a new one. The branches list can be downloaded as an Excel-compatible CSV file.

To create a new branch, you press the “Add Branch” button and enter the desired name and sub-domain (e.g., and an optional parent branch. You can also enter an optional branch short-code, to help you uniquely identify the branch.

The panel for editing an existing branch is similar to the “add branch” panel, but also contains tabs to see the branches Users, Courses and extra Settings.

The Users and Courses tabs are simple tabular listings of the Users and Courses assigned to the branch respectively, and allow you to download this information in Excel-compatible CSV format.

The branch Settings tab allows you to set the language used for the branch, as well as a custom logo, favicon and theme to be used for the branch's content.

To learn more about the differences between Branches and Groups, you can visit the “What is the difference between Branches and Groups” chapter.